Heart Your Smile- what’s the point?

You may have read about the launch of The Heart Your Smile campaign in October at the BDTA Dental Showcase. What is it all really about?

The goal of the campaign is to the change the public’s perception of dentistry, increase attendance and reinstate the dental team’s position as trusted members of the local community.

We will take this message to the public in a new fun way ONCE we have enough of the profession behind us and we have hit certain key measurements.

Doing what we have done before will just give us the same results. Using campaigns never seen in dentistry before, based on humour, powerful visuals and collective effort, we believe we can make a measurable difference.

We will be starting from the ground-up, using the dental teams of the future (the students). Our estimate is to launch the public facing campaign 12 months from now but that depends on your help!

We invite you to read the 9-point manifesto for change and start living these values with your entire teams.

We would love to help you engage in your local community and give back – few actions are more powerful than acts of kindness towards our patients and communities.

We are stakeholders in dental health which is entwined with a person’s general health but have we done enough to ensure the public know this, like us, believe in us and come to us? Let’s start with the patients on each or our own doorsteps.

Ten industry leaders got together to start this campaign and over the months hundreds of positive members of the industry have joined us.

So far, it has all been self-funded as we passionately believe UK dentistry is ripe for change and the time is NOW! We will be reaching out to the whole industry to help fund this campaign as it touches more people but it is not about us.

The more people overcome their fear of dentistry, see the long-term health benefits of a healthy mouth and value us as part of the local community the larger the our industry grows. Come join us, don’t be left behind– the industry is changing whether you like it or not.

What we want from each member of your team:

1. Read and sign the manifesto and receive a Heart Your Smile badge in return.
2. Start engaging with other members about how you can give back to your community. It is not all about money; your time and expertise are needed.

Start spreading the word that Dentistry in the UK is changing for the better, find out more at our stand at the Dentistry Show and the BDA conference.

The Heart Your Smile movement

For more information visit:

Website: www.heartyoursmile.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/HeartYourSmile

Twitter: @heart_yoursmile

YouTube: heartyoursmile


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