BDA’s John Milne re-elected by dentists

John Milne re-elected as Chair of General Dental Practice Committee

Dr John Milne has been re-elected as Chair of the British Dental Association (BDA) General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC).

Members of GDPC today (27 January 2012) voted to renew the mandate to lead the UK’s general dental practitioners, first won by Dr Milne in 2009.

They also chose to re-elect Vice Chairs Dr Peter Hodgkinson and Dr Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen.

His election address to the Committee saw Dr Milne stress his belief in the importance of continued engagement in the development of reforms to NHS dentistry in England.

That approach, he argued, has helped to get the reform process to the stage it is at today – discrediting the UDA, clinching sustained progress on the Steele reforms and securing involvement in local professional networks – and will be crucial in making further progress.

Dr Milne also stressed the need for an intelligent, vigilant and strategic dialogue with Government, pledging to fight fights where they are necessary but work constructively to find solutions where possible. The BDA must act as a trade union, he told committee members, but remember that it is one that represents professional people.

Nonetheless, Dr Milne promised, he will not be shy about rejecting a flawed contract if that is what emerges from the piloting process, and to do so is the appropriate course of action.

Speaking after the election Dr Milne said: ‘This is a crucial time for dentistry and we have a unique opportunity that we must take. I am delighted that the mandate invested in the leadership of GDPC has been renewed.

‘We have made a great deal of progress towards ridding the profession in England of a flawed contract during the last three years. We will be striving hard to finish that process and deliver a better future for practitioners and patients across the country.’

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