New oral health science website launches

New research in oral health emerges all the time.

Oral Health Science brought to you by Colgate, offers a convenient place to find interactive study highlights, full journal articles, audio summaries  and email updates about the latest findings in oral health, all qualifying for verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Studies sited on Oral Health Science are compelling and topical. Current studies under review consider recent advances in the way we view oral care, along with the relationship to overall health.  Some of these findings demonstrate how innovative toothpaste formulations can now help your patients to prevent dental caries and improve periodontal health. You could choose to review a comparison of toothpaste formulations or an in-depth survey of approaches to oral care, each will add to your understanding of current treatment modalities.

Each article summary you review qualifies for 0.5 hours verifiable CPD. For further information and to register visit   

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