Dental practice check up!

With practices continuing to be concerned about facing another year of economic challenges, the desire to gain a better understanding about practice performance is more compelling than ever.

In order to provide dental practices with up-to-date, relevant information about key performance levels within their practice, Software of Excellence has launched the “Best Practice Check Up” available to both customers and non-customers alike. 

The “Best Practice Check Up” is a unique, easy and complimentary service that analyses the performance of individual practices in three key aspirational areas; dental, business and personal, helping you to identify strengths, risks, weaknesses and most importantly – opportunities for growth.

Then, together with the vast range of existing data Software of Excellence is able to benchmark your practice performance.
Practices can take part in the Best Practice Check Up by visiting and completing a series of brief questions. Answers will then be analysed and Software of Excellence will provide a bespoke report on your practice’s performance and make recommendations for improvement.

Sales and Marketing Director at Software of Excellence Greg Clay is confident about the appetite for this kind of market information: ‘The more knowledge a dentist can have about their practice the better able they are to identify areas for improvement. This new initiative is designed to put knowledge into the hands of the dentists and practice managers who can make a real difference to the performance of their practice.

‘Because of the depth of our overall market knowledge we are ideally positioned to understand the true potential of different types of practice and the Best Practice Check Up is a vehicle for us to share this knowledge with individual practitioners.’

To complete the “Best Practice Check-Up” questionnaire, visit or contact Software of Excellence on 0845 123456.


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