Kemdent clean up

Chairsafe alcohol-free disinfectant is available in a 500ml spray, a 200ml foam dispenser, 1L and 5L refill containers and the new range of durable and economy wipes.

Chairsafe disinfectants comply with the newly reclassified EC regulations regarding the disinfection of medical devices, and carry their CE mark with pride.

Chairsafe absorbs and penetrates into the cell wall of bacteria, fungi and the envelope of viruses.

It attacks the phospholipid membrane, altering its structure-causing disorganisation and faults.

Essential molecules begin to leak out from the cell rapidly reducing its action and destroying them.

HTM 01-05 recommends that dental chairs are cleaned between every patient to minimise the dispersal of micro-organisms.

Chairsafe products should be used for the daily disinfection of surfaces close to the patient or frequently touched surfaces, for example dental chairs, door handles and work surfaces.

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