January dental offer

Diamond Micro luting cement capsules are on offer during January 2012.

Available in boxes of 20 x 0.25g capsules, customers can buy 60 capsules and receive a 38% discount making them just £59.40, which is less than £1 per capsule.

Diamond Micro is a resin-reinforced, chemically curing, glass ionomer cement for permanent cementation of orthodontic appliances, crowns manufactured from alumina-only or zirconia-only cores, posts, metal inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, porcelain-fused to metal crowns, bridges on hard dental tissue andcores rebuilt with amalgam, composite or glass ionomer cements.

With a working time of two to four minutes at room temperature and a sets-in-the-mouth time of three to five minutes, these capsules are easy tohandle, have a low solubility in the mouth and high adhesion.

They also have an excellent potential for luting zirconium oxide crowns.

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