Engaging employees – good for business?

Employees can be the key factor in determining whether or not a practice sustains profitability throughout this economic downturn.

As a result, having motivated, engaged staff is incredibly important and vital to uphold.
A healthy balance of four key areas of the daily work routine can help to improve employee engagement. These are:

• Leadership – which transmits values and how the individual contributes, based on a system of give and take and explaining the reasons why certain decisions are made
• Giving staff a voice to discuss views and concerns either individually in one to one meetings with managers or in teams
• Line managers – empowering staff not controlling staff, good interpersonal and organisational skills, responding to personal issues
• Consistent behaviour based on trust and respect through equality, fairness and responsibility
Employers notice that engaged employees have more drive when it comes to their workload and performing work-related tasks.

They are more likely to take the initiative than respond in a knee-jerk fashion to outside events.

Employees with the opportunity to voice their own ideas and have these thoughts and proposals taken on board are also notably more engaged in their work.
Understanding employee motivation is key to gaining a high standard of employee engagement and the best way to do this is through open communication and trust.

Practice owners and managers are instrumental for ensuring that employee-employer interaction is both positive and productive.

When members of staff have issues that need to be dealt with, if they feel they are able to discuss them with the practice manager then they are more likely to find a fast resolution.
Any unresolved issues can have a negative impact, with repercussions potentially spreading throughout the whole practice; significantly reducing staff morale and productivity.
If the four key areas for employee engagement are adhered to, practice owners and their managers can expect to receive greater dedication and loyalty from employees and enjoy benefits such as fewer absences and better general conduct.

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