Perfect your choreography

The truth is selling dentistry is not about selling at all. It is about doing the right thing and accepting not every patient will buy from you.

Approach your patient with integrity. Generally, a patient buys you not your services. Be confident, honest and show integrity. If you present treatment to patients with uncertainty – or your motivation is money – then you will fail.

If your aim is to make unhealthy people healthy and keep healthy people healthy this will be apparent to any patient that spends time at your surgery.

Develop skills to discover and ask your patients what they want. Patients buy for their reasons not for yours. Learn to discover what their reasons are. Try to get to know what the problems are, what they want and desire.

If you know their motivators, and you give them an honest account of their overall oral condition, they will find it easier to make an informed decision. They will look to you as the professional for recommendation and will look to you for support during the process.

Plan to spend quality time with each patient. Nobody purchases from a person who is rushed or pressured. Patients judge and make decisions based upon their interpretation of their experience. If they can see you like them, spend time with them and are honest they will return the compliment.

In turn, this buys you loyalty. Talk less and listen more. Get them thinking, realising, and making the decisions that you want them to make on their own.

Create the overall experience. From the very first call to the completion of the visit and beyond, a patient is deciding if they will buy from you. Create and choreograph the fine components of the patient’s journey through your practice.

Is the environment welcoming and immaculate. Who says what and how is it said? Patients equate the level of service to the quality of your care.

Ensure you handle the four main objections comfortably with every patient. There are only four although they come in many guises: pain, fear, time and money.

Ensure comfort by using every way available to ensure a pain-free experience. Establish what their fear is and manage that appropriately.

Always run to time and discuss approximate appointment lengths and always give a patient payment options that you have available to avoid any surprises.

So, the truth is, if you have conviction, are honest, build relationships, get to know what the patient wants, needs and desires, you can sell without selling.

It is having the ability to build positive trust based relationships that builds practices.

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