‘Gazelle’ status for Nitram Dental

With the DAC Universal combination autoclave as the driving force, Nitram Dental A/S has grown steadily and has been allocated ‘gazelle’ status.

DAC Universal matches the stringent hygiene requirements that any modern dental practice must comply with.

The DAC Universal combination autoclave cleans, lubricates and sterilises up to six dental handpieces and turbines in a fully automated process that takes only 12 minutes.

DAC Universal prevents the transmission of viruses and bacteria from patient topatient via instruments, as a result of in-depth cleaning and sterilisation.

All production of Nitram Dental autoclave equipment currently takes place in Denmark, while over 90% of sales are to markets outside the country.

Nitram Dental constitutes the Hygiene Division of the German company, Sirona Dental Systems GmbH.

With a constant focus on optimising hygiene procedures in dental clinics, Nitram Dental has turned its back on the financial crisis.

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