Charity gives thumbs up to dental campaign

Bridge2Aid is delighted to show its support of the new Heart Your Smile campaign, by carrying the campaign logo on its website and communicating their messages to its supporters.

Dentist James Goolnik, founder of the ‘Heart Your Smile’ campaign, said: ‘I feel we need to go back to basics. It’s about giving people healthy mouths and smiles and the tools and reasons to maintain them.

‘It’s about minimal invasive, repairable dentistry in a happy fun place to visit and work in. The entire dental industry needs to work cohesively to deliver this to an educated audience who have options. Heart Your Smile will be the recognisable source of inspiration which is designed to stimulate positive conversations in the dental industry.’

Heart Your Smile, which is not affiliated with any one company, individual or organisation is the initiative of a number of people working with the dental profession who are looking to plant the seeds of change for a more positive future outlook.

The Heart Your Smile manifesto is a collection of core values which have been dubbed the ‘nine habits of a happy dental professional’.

Mark Topley, chief executive officer of Bridge2Aid, said: ‘The messages promoted by ‘Heart Your Smile’ resonate with the values of the team at Bridge2Aid and we are pleased to be able to help promote awareness of James’s campaign.’

For more information on Heart Your Smile, visit

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