Tackling gum disease

Corsodyl has worked with the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) to identify ways to motivate patients to prioritise their gum health, and has created the ‘Campaign for healthy gums’.

At a meeting, hosted by the BDHF and supported by Corsodyl, the panel agreed that the period between dental visits is critical yet patients often struggle to follow the advice provided.

It is also unusual for patients to approach dental professionals regarding gum problems.

Subsequently the need for gum health advice, which patients could easily follow outside of the dental surgery, was identified.

Corsodyl has developed gum care guidance packs for dental patients as part of the ‘Campaign for healthy gums’ initiative.

The pack contains educational materials for use both within the waiting room and surgery as well as at home, making it easier for patients to follow the advice provided by their dentist or hygienist.

Free gum care packs can be ordered online.


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