Whitening perfection

Perfect Bleach Office+ has 35% hydrogen peroxide concentration, enabling fast, safe and permanent chairside bleaching of one or more discoloured teeth.

Perfect Bleach Office+ ensures the thorough removal of the deposited pigments and can also be used for internal whitening, by means of special application tips. Perfect Bleach Office+ is pH-neutral and contains sodium fluoride.

The practical Quick Mix syringe prevents mixing errors and ensures that only the required amount is activated and applied.

The slightly viscous consistency of the material enables optimal application to the tooth surface.

The red colour of the gel provides contrast to the tooth meaning the application can be controlled, and after the exposure time any remaining material can easily be seen and removed.

The exposure time is only 10 to 15 minutes. Once applied to the teeth, the gel does not require further activation. The practical LC Dam provides gingival protection.


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