Whiten – simply, safely and effectively

Whitewash professional whitening strips are mouldable plastic strips containing the optimum amount of whitening gel to simply, safely and effectively whiten patients’ teeth.

The reason they are proving so popular amongst dentists is because of their reduced clinical time and cost effectiveness allowing patients who wouldn’t normally purchase whitening treatments to achieve a whiter smile.

They are also a perfect complement to tray or in-surgery whitening systems, providing patients with a convenient top-up treatment requiring just 30 minutes application per day.

The company is committed to driving patients to dentists through its optimised consumer website.

Dentists can increase teeth whitening sales in their dental practice today by ordering professional teeth whitening strips.

Customers can call to receive their www.dentistry.co.uk readers offer with their first order.
RRP is £45 to patients. Each pack contains 28 strips (14 applications).

0844 68 69 150

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