A clear impression

Registrado Clear is a silicone impression material for bite registration.

With a hardness of 70 Shore A when fully cured, Registrado Clear enables all forms of bite registration to be carried out, with simultaneous visual inspection.

Registrado Clear holds its shape, dimensions and stability meaning the material remains on the teeth during application and curing. Even thicker layers can be easily applied.

The transparency of the silicone enables the light-curing of restorative materials applied beneath it.

Registrado Clear’s temperature-controlled curing formula enables application without time pressure, and ensures that the curing of the material is only accelerated when the mouth closes.

After a maximum intra-oral working time of 90 seconds, the silicone is cured and the register can be removed without breaking or twisting. The impression can easily be finished with instruments and disinfected with conventional water-based disinfectants.

Registrado Clear is not radiopaque enabling X-ray images to be made without interference from the material.

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