Free patient leaflets for dental practices

Following feedback from the profession, Oral-B developed a range of educational leaflets.

The leaflets are not product-focused and instead explore common questions and issues posed by patients.

One leaflet examines the topic of restorative dentistry and explains the importance of prosthodontic procedures and details the difference between bridges, crowns and implants.

Another leaflet explains why regular dental visits are important and illustrates what measures patients should be taking to look after their teeth and gums between appointments.  Lastly, there’s one on tooth whitening, which clarifies the difference between external and internal staining and the various treatment options available to whiten their teeth.

There’s also a section advising patients on the best way to avoid staining in the first place.

These leaflets are available for free to UK dental practices.


Supplies can either be obtained from a local representative or practices can call the customer care line on 0870 2421850.


Alternatively, electronic copies are available to download from the Oral-B website (

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