Perfect teeth at last!

Since her teenage years, Caroline Dakers, a 36-year-old account manager from Berkshire, had hated her teeth.

Some were pushed back, some were discoloured, her bite was not aligned and she disliked smiling for pictures.

She was fed up of being self-conscious in social situations.


In her twenties she had opted for two veneers on her speckled front teeth with a local dentist and, although liked the fact they were white and smooth for a few months, she felt they did not look right on her and they soon became discoloured.

Finally she made the decision this year to do something about them – and has not looked back.
After being recommended to visit top dental surgeon Dr Bob Khanna ( in Reading, Caroline went along in the hope that if he could whiten them at least they would look a little bit more presentable – yet a full dental make-over later, strangers now stop mid-sentence to tell her how naturally beautiful her teeth are.
Bob Khanna says: ‘I could immediately see that the veneers she had previously were not suitable for her face shape and that is why she found them hard to get used to. I worked with Caroline to set out a dental plan after a thorough consultation. Firstly she wore Invisalign braces for a year to straighten her teeth.

‘I then built back up two lower teeth that had experienced tooth wear from grinding and whitened them. I then provided veneers for the upper teeth uniquely tailored to suit Caroline and fixed her ‘clicking’ jaw by shaping them according to a more comfortable bite, relieving the pressure on the joints.’
Says Caroline: ‘I have never been one to spend on expensive beauty treatments as I feel they are often quite self-indulgent. However, I can’t express enough how every penny was worth the results that were produced by Dr. Bob. It has really boosted my confidence and taken years off me. I have spent years worrying about my teeth and the way they look thinking that nothing could really be done. I was completely wrong.

‘Not only do they look amazing but they are so natural-looking and I am always getting comments on how lucky I am to have such amazing teeth. What surprised me as well was how quickly he did the procedures and how I did not even need to take a painkiller during or after the treatment. The next day I was jetted off to Las Vegas for a work conference and was inundated with comments from people I had never met on how beautiful a smile I had. They would literally stop mid-conversation to comment. It was amazing.’
Dr Bob Khanna is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading exemplars of cutting-edge dentistry and runs clinics in Reading and Ascot where he carries out a full spectrum of treatments from aesthetic dentistry, surgical implantology and bone regeneration procedures to full mouth rehabilitation. He has also been awarded a Fellowship from the ‘International Academy of Dental Facial Aesthetics’ in New York, an accolade shared by some of the world’s most eminent dentists.
According to Dr Bob: ‘I could tell from the first consultation that Caroline desperately wanted to have a set of teeth that she no longer worried about. She was fed up of feeling self-conscious when she smiled and she was fitted with veneers that did not fit correctly and therefore looked ‘false.’ I conducted a full dental make-over which was extremely successful and Caroline is now able to smile with confidence.’

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