The future in mobile dentistry?

A company has launched a new concept in dentistry which offers dentists a self-contained dental unit that brings complete freedom and flexibility into dental care.

The innovators, Newcodent Limited, claims it is ideal for homecare, training units in dental
universities, nursing homes, hospitals, military, dental laboratories, rural dentistry, school dentistry, institutions and the prison service.

The original Newcodent mobile dental unit incorporates a three-way syringe and has ample space for two handpieces or one handpiece and an air scaler.

A later model, the MDU 4 incorporates a curing light.

The newly designed MDU 5 features an x-ray viewer, three-way syringe with a disposable tip, air scaler, fast handpiece, a straight handpiece or a slow contra-angled handpiece and a LED curing light all operated with a foot control.

An optional cordless foot control is available. It also comes with a stand alone saliva suction unit. All units are fully CE approved and marked.

The company has also produced a portable battery operated mirror light with two rechargeable batteries and charger and have since developed a patients chair that weighs as little as 14kg which is complete with a light stand and instrument tray.

Also available is a back pack for ease of transport and set up time is approximately 15 minutes.

The company aims to set a new standard for flexible dental care for the benefit of both the profession and the patients.

It believes the unit will focus on the patient’s needs and enable the dentist to use the most suitable equipment in each situation.

The unit is available to work with 230V or 110V to be specified at the time of purchase, can also be operated with an 500W power inverter of 12V or 24V car battery and it can be connected to the smallest of generators as the total electric use is only 380W.

It hopes to be a leading producer of modern and light, quality equipment that brings new opportunities for dental care and the health service sector.

The standard Newcodent unit is supplied in two aluminium boxes with the thinking that a unit can be carried in each hand.

There is also a roller case design with a transport case that can also be used as a mobile table, so the large box is the transport case the one on top is the dental unit and the small box on the floor is the compressor.

For more information, visit or go to YouTube and search for Newcodent
for some demonstrations of the portability of the Newcodent unit.


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