Tooth protection with Remin Pro

Remin Pro is now available in the practical and hygienic Single Dose packs, making it possible to give the precise amount to each patient.

Remin Pro contains three components that protect teeth from demineralisation and erosion: fluoride, hydroxyl apatite and xylitol.

This dental care cream gently regenerates the tooth for various indications, such as the follow-up to conservative treatment, after professional cleaning, after bleaching or during orthodontic treatment.

Remin Pro contributes to the neutralisation of plaque-induced acids and therefore provides a balanced oral flora.

Its hydroxyl apatite and fluoride content promotes natural remineralisation and hence contributes to the strengthening of the enamel.

In forming a protective film on the tooth surface, Remin Pro prevents hypersensitivities and smooths the tooth surface, thus impeding the adhesion of bacterial plaque. Remin Pro Single Dose is available in melon, mint and strawberry flavours. Especially suited for home, it can be used daily.

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