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Topdental’s number one selling high-level surface disinfectant alcohol wipe, the Micro-V wipe, is effective against MRSA, H1N1, E-coli, TB, C-Diff, HIV, HIBV, Hep-C and a wide range of bacteria.

Testing is to latest EN guidelines.

The wipe contains ethanol, propanol and chlorhexidine, and has a pleasant lemon aroma. The dispenser tub has an inner sealed bag to help maintain the integrity of the impregnated wipe and help prevent evaporation once the tub is opened.

The Micro-V wipe is also available as a stand-up pouch refill.

Topdental stresses the importance of only using infection control products with a CE mark and the number of the notified body next to it.

Topdental has invested a large amount on compliance and productefficacy testing in order to obtain the CE mark.

For a free pack of 100 wipes, call Topdental and mention Micro-V editorial.
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