Dentistry focus: The sum of all things

When you started your practice, you probably had an ideal customer in mind.

Many practitioners will have engaged in a degree of market research and planned a strategy to appeal to their target market.

A specialist practice would look for a specific location to capture their target market. They would aim to make contact with their audience, appear competitive and get a grasp of competition in the area.  They would then set about marketing themselves to draw in their target market. So, is this any different for any practice? 

We all know people generally make a purchase through an emotional decision-making process. We understand that people look behind the service offered for the reason to purchase; People don’t buy a tooth-whitening procedure, they buy a brighter, whiter, more youthful-looking smile.

People generally want a service to be simple or effortless, proven or guaranteed, quick or immediate and require a good demonstration or understanding of its value for money. If you can understand why your patients buy from you, you can better formulate your marketing strategy.

Understanding and delivering these key motivators in your everyday meetings with patients, and following through in your marketing, will support you in capturing your target audience. Link this with an art for case acceptance, and you are ahead of your competition.

Buying factors relate to the emotion behind the purchase, none actually relate to your product directly. So, if you consider these elements this gives you the advantage over your competition.

Have you considered your message to customers? 

What sets you apart?
• Are you a good business to do business with? Are you a friendly, approachable team that provide a better service than others?
• Do you promote your higher knowledge levels and areas of expertise? This makes you the best in your patients’ eyes
• Your reputation goes before you. Are your patients talking about you? Are they wearing and showing off your dentistry and letting everyone know?
• Your testimonials ring out all the answers your potential patients want to hear – they create your reputation
• Do you provide that ‘extra mile’ service – do you offer the critical non-essentials that create the lasting experience that draws people to return? This is your add-on value; it’s like free postage and packaging
• How long do things take? Are you prepared and able to offer the most efficient way forward to make dentistry accessible and practical?

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