Dental professionals invited to have their say

Dental professionals are being encouraged to take part in the General Dental Council’s review of continuing professional development.

A short online questionnaire can be found at Questions include:
• What is your main reason for undertaking CPD?
• What are the factors that influence your choice of CPD activity?
• What CPD format do you think is most effective (as a learning style) for you?
• How do you generally reflect on what you have learnt from your CPD activity?

Any general comments or questions can be sent to [email protected]

The review will consider the role CPD plays in helping registrants to stay up to date and to practise in accordance with its standards; as well as exploring the most effective forms of CPD activity and the best way of monitoring and administering it. A key aim is also to ensure that the CPD requirements are woven into a proportionate scheme of revalidation in due course.

The review process will include, among other steps, research and various forms of consultation with registrants and other stakeholders. A public consultation on any future proposals is planned for early 2012.

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