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It’s a regrettable sign of the times that placing a ‘situation vacant’ notice is likely to result in the prospective employer’s in-tray/inbox instantly bulging with replies from apparently ideally qualified applicants all eager for an immediate start.

Dental professionals are notoriously busy, and the simplest solution to wading through this plethora of CVs and personal data to reach the right decision, without losing quality personal time, is to engage outside help.

Whilst large organisations often engage the services of a headhunter to attract the attention of a working individual who may not even be considering a change of employment, and thus avoid advertising altogether, this option is prohibitively expensive for most dental, practices, with the intermediary charging up to 8% of the candidate’s annual salary.

Smaller companies are more likely to turn to a recruitment agency, which will pre-interview job seekers and create a bank of suitably qualified personnel to match to the appropriate vacancy, allowing a shortlist to be presented to the employer for final selection.

While this clearly saves time, it too is not cheap, with agencies also charging substantial fees as well as hourly rates for sourcing part time or temporary staff.

A further drawback for dental practice principals is that most recruitment agencies are not industry specific, and so are unlikely to boast specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector.

That said, a number of online recruitment agencies have now emerged which are dedicated to supplying medical staff, and several of these are focused on servicing retail dentistry.

Working with such an agency should at least ensure that the interviewed candidates are suitably qualified, but there is still no substitute for the dental employer’s instinct, born of experience, for the ideal person who will slot seamlessly into an existing practice team.

Despite its best efforts, the agency can never ‘second guess’ the personal chemistry vital to ensure harmonious day to day relations within a small group of committed professionals working in close proximity with each other. 


DentalGateway has addressed the twin issues of expense and candidate compatibility by devising a new kind of online recruitment service; potential employers post vacancies for free on its website, where they can be continuously viewed by a fast growing community of jobseekers, while employers may browse CVs online at their leisure and without charge.

The employers can purchase credit in order to access the contact details of those candidates who they feel are the most suitable for the position on offer, effectively eliminating the expensive function of the middle man and significantly reducing the costs associated with traditional methods of recruitment.

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