Practice management e-zine FREE to download

The Dentistry Business has launched its first e-zine dedicated to the topic of practice management.
The Dentistry Business is made up of Lester Ellman and Carl Parnell – both highly respected dentists who have owned and practiced in NHS and private practice – and Sim Goldblum, a business executive with extensive knowledge of marketing and finance.

They have many years of experience they bring to the market through their series of university accredited courses and also via one-to-one consultancy programmes, during which they work with both practitioners and practice managers.
Now, their experience, opinions and a wealth of relevant management information is available online via The Dentistry Businesses new downloadable e-zine ‘Perfect Practice’.

Unlike other publications in this arena, ‘Perfect Practice’ is uncluttered by advertising and is full of topical articles, tips and techniques and the personal experiences of dentists and practice managers currently working through a variety of issues within their own businesses.
Designed in a user-friendly, e-zine format, ‘Perfect Practice’ is a virtual resource for practice management information, which can be viewed on-line or downloaded as a PDF either to a computer, smartphone or tablet.
Take a look at ‘Perfect Practice’ by visiting and clicking on the link.
The Dentistry Business is currently collating topics for the autumn issue of Perfect Practice- if there is a subject you are interested in please email [email protected]

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