Dentistry focus: A masterclass in tooth whitening

When I decided my whitening results were far from predictable I decided to take a hands-on Whitening programme to discover why.

The number of patients requested whitening treatment has increased and I was concerned that many of the available whitening systems were not providing me with the desired outcome.

The Smile Studio Step by Step Teeth Whitening Programme gave me an in-depth scientific approach to whitening.

Dr Wyman Chan’s knowledge inspired me and gave me reproducible techniques for day to day practice.

His explanation surrounding the science and techniques of whitening and his gems on predictable results make this course second to none.

The programme gave me the opportunity to hear more about the safety and science behind vital teeth whitening, as well as a step by step system for home and power whitening. The practice marketing has already made a clear difference to my bottom line.

To work alongside Dr Chan on a patient and see the results of the I power thermal diffuser really boosted my enthusiasm for in surgery whitening.

It was reassuring to see so much scientific data to back the heat only device and it really is so simple to use.

I now really know why sensitivity can occur during take home and surgery whitening and I now know how to eliminate it.

This one-day seminar really does give you a practical and predictable approach. I didn’t realise how many differences there could be in a syringe of bleach.

I learned the latest developments, the zero sensitivity technique, the best ways to manage a patients expectations as well as great photography and shade taking techniques.

This has all proved invaluable and this knowledge has created great marketing tools in my practice.

The course is a small group limited to eight delegates to ensure plenty of hands-on experience.

It really was a revelation to learn the true science behind the subject and was great value for money, including some take home products to try.


For bookings, call 0207482 5333 or email [email protected]
• Dr Wyman Chan qualified at the renowned Guy’s Hospital Dental School, London, UK, in 1981. He worked as an Associate dentist in South London for two years before he started his first dental practice in 1983 in South West London. He started another practice in Soho, the West End of London in 1984, where he is still working as a dedicated teeth whitening dentist since 2002. He was a trainer for newly qualified dentists from 1988 to 1990. He is the founder of smilestudio Teeth Whitening Academy and has trained over 2000 dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental surgery assistants and other dental team members in the past eight years in his Academy.
Wyman has worked with all major home and power whitening systems in the past twenty years. His innovative research at the Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI), University of Bolton, UK, led to his PhD, six UK and US granted patents, and several more pending. Wyman won the prestigious Procter and Gamble Investigator Award at the 2008 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting in Toronto, Canada. He was selected as a chairperson for a poster discussion session in the 2010 IADR meeting in Barcelona in July.  He presented a clinical paper on a new home whitening system using a new spectrometer to measure the shade of each tooth in three areas, the cervical, body and the incisal area.
Through his research and experience of treating thousands of patients, Wyman has discovered some important phenomena in the texture of teeth, and utilised them to establish some important protocols and metrics that have contributed to the understanding and improvement on safety and efficacy of teeth whitening processes. He has published some important hypotheses in teeth whitening processes, which help to evaluate the texture of the enamel of the teeth structure. He has invented a special customised tray for home whitening that prevented the side-effect of sensitivity caused during home whitening. He is also the inventor of the well acclaimed get2smile home power whitening system. He is well credited as the inventor of the painless teeth whitening techniques in chairside whitening.
Wyman has been appointed as Clinical Associate Professor in the Institute of Clinical Education, Warwick Medical School, Warwick, UK in December 2010 for three years. He lectures internationally and has many articles published in dental journals and is well regarded as an expert in this field. He has written a chapter title ‘Scientific Advances in Tooth-whitening Processes’ in the Book ‘The Art of Treatment Planning’ Dental and Medical Approaches to the Face and Smile, by Quintessence Publishing October 2009.


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