Guitar-playing dentist calms actress’s fear

Actress Jennifer Aniston is playing a dentist who sexually harasses her employees in her latest film, Horrible Bosses.

And in an interview in the States recently, she revealed all about the dentist she visits.

He plays guitar for his patients, including her! reports: ‘As she promoted her new movie… the conversation turned towards dentists… Jennifer explained: ‘My dentist plays the guitar for me when I have moulds in my mouth. It’s odd but it’s the truth…. And you can’t get out of the chair so you’re sort of stuck listening to it. Not that it’s not good or anything by the way. Lovely.’

Jen mentioned she’s been going to the dentist for about 15 years and he picked up the instrument a few years ago.

She added: ‘He literally learned to play the guitar seven years ago and he’s really good!’

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