Software of Excellence leads way on contract pilots

As the 62 pilot practices for the new NHS contract get underway, Software of Excellence are one of only three companies who have been asked to undertake software development work on the new contract by the Department of Health (DH).


Software of Excellence have been allocated the majority of pilot sites to work with (35 in all) and were chosen for their resources, knowledge and market coverage.


The company has already invested thousands of hours of development time in order to meet the needs of the DH and trying to incorporate new criteria that can cope with the diversity of the Care Pathway model in a user-friendly, time efficient way has been a challenge.


Product Manager at Software of Excellence, Faith Jenkin (pictured) has been centrally involved in working alongside the DH.


She says: ‘Software of Excellence is obviously delighted to be involved in the pilot scheme as it gives us the opportunity to have input into the design of the software that NHS practices will have to use when the new contract is launched.


‘Our challenge is to deliver a software solution that meets the needs of the Department, but one that is efficient and streamlined and does not place an unnecessary administrative burden on the practice.’


Software of Excellence are currently conducting a series of training days to familiarise dentists and practice managers with the new software and will spend the next year working with dentists and the DH gauging feedback and further developing the software solution . For more information on Software of Excellence visit

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