Tooth fairy business tops �16 million

UK children are pocketing a whopping £16 million every year thanks to the generosity of the tooth fairy.

A new survey by the British Dental Health Foundation has calculated that the tooth fairy is leaving more than £16.5 million each year under the pillows of children in exchange for their milk teeth.

The survey has also found that £1 is the most common amount left by the tooth fairy, with more than six out of every ten children finding the shiny coin when they wake up.

With an estimated 15 million teeth falling out of children’s mouth each year, the tooth fairy is making an average of 42,000 visits each night andmore than 1.3 million money drops during this year’s National Smile Month campaign, which is organised by the Foundation and runs until 15 June 2011.

Nearly 65% of children received £1 for each of their milk teeth.

Just over one in ten children were lucky enough to receive over £2 or more each time for their missing tooth.

The average amount left by the tooth fairy was £1.08 with children in Yorkshire and Humberside receiving the most (£1.45) and those in the West Midlands the least (£0.86).

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said: ‘Children have around 20 milk teeth so it is no surprise that the tooth fairy is so busy.

‘Unfortunately, around one in three children are leaving teeth for the tooth fairy which show signs of visible dental decay so we hope that during National Smile Month mums, dads, grandparents, guardians and teachers will take the opportunity to remind children about how to look after their teeth.’

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