New equipment test kits for HTM 01-05 compliance

Prestige Medical’s new kits are in response to increasing requests from dentists for help with the challenges of meeting the requirements for testing, recording and storing data.

Each kit is designed to provide, in one simple format, all the materials needed to perform the appropriate daily/weekly/quarterly tests for the year.

A specially-designed log book is also provided into which to record the test data obtained.

This eliminates the time-consuming task of the practice needing to establish what checks and tests are needed, sourcing all the individual test materials and having a suitable system where results can be stored – all necessary in order to meet the ‘essential practice requirements’ now expected by the CQC.

Commercial director, David Robinson, says: ‘We believe that we are the first company to bring such a comprehensive range of kits to market. They are designed to offer added value to our customers and maintain the Prestige Medical position as a leading dental decontamination solution provider.’

There are three kits available:

• Autoclave kit (pictured)
• Washer disinfector kit
• Ultrasonic cleaner kit.

For more information from Prestige Medical, call 01254 844 103 or email [email protected]

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