How does yours brush up?

Brits still have some way to go to improve their brushing habits, a new survey has revealed.

Almost half the country (49%) forget to brush their teeth before they go to bed, despite the clear advice from dentists – to brush twice a day – that has been gospel for years.

It’s not all absent-mindedness though, because a nightly brush is never on the cards for nearly a quarter of the population (23%).

Men are the biggest culprits, with more than a quarter (26%) admitting to the regular gap in their bedtime regimes.

But the real shock is in the number of people who see regular oral maintenance as optional.

A staggering 18% of people admit that there are some days when they don’t brush their teeth at all – an admission that is sure to have dentists grinding their teeth in frustration.

The survey, carried out by TNS on behalf of national dental chain Oasis, spoke to more than 2,000 people to reveal the surprising state of the nation’s brushing habits.

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