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The Standards committee at the GDC has recommended to Council that dentists should no longer be able to use the title, ‘doctor’.

In principle, this will mean that only dentists who are medically qualified or who have a bona-fide Doctorate (PhD), should be entitled to use this title.

But the profession is split over this ‘Call me doctor’ campaign – and seemingly with equally strong emotion on both sides of the debate.

Many feel the debate is a waste of GDC time and resources, others feel the use of the courtesy title ‘Doctor’ should be settled once and for all. and Dentistry magazine are aware of the profession’s split.

So, we’re giving the profession an exciting opportunity for one reader to win a place at the World Aesthetic Congress (WAC) in a free prize draw by simply telling us whether or not dentists should use the ‘Doctor’ title.

We urge you to take the time out to register your vote.

The results will be published here at and in Dentistry magazine in May.

You can click the opinion poll on the homepage or – to enter the prize draw – email [email protected] with your name and vote.

Alternatively, we will be publishing a voting slip in an April issue of Dentistry so look out for that, too!

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