Innovative mouthwear gets top performance from rugby team

Players in the Six Nations Championship have an exhaustive training schedule and need to be at the peak of their physical fitness in order to take part in the punishing regime required by international competition.

Now, however, they have had some extra support in the form of an innovative new category of performance sportswear.
The teams are using Under Armour Performance Mouthwear (UAPM) with ArmourBite technology from award-winning US based company Bite Tech who have just been named one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports by Fast Company Magazine.

UAPM is clinically proven to aid performance by increasing strength and endurance and reducing athletic stress and teams are already feeling the benefits.

‘Since I started using UAPM, I’m feeling stronger in the gym and more confident kicking for goal,’ Ian Humphries, Ulster Rugby Team

Studies have shown that the UAPM Mouthpiece increases strength by 17% and the UAPM Mouthguard can do so by 12%.

The products have also been shown to increase visual and auditory response time and decrease the amount of lactic acid build up by 25% after 30 minutes.

Performance Mouthwear is extremely effective in aiding performance in non-contact sports and, with the added bonus that as the upper mouthwear protects teeth and the mouth and can reduce the impact from a blow to the jaw by up to 20%, they are ideal for contact sports as well.
Initially a success in America, where they have undergone rigorous testing, specialist mouthpieces are still being investigated to isolate exactly what it is that makes them so effective. In the meantime though, the practical results speak for themselves:

‘I was an asthma sufferer and was reluctant to wear a mouthguard for either training or playing. Since I have been using Under Armour Performance Mouthwear my concerns have gone and I now feel very comfortable using the mouthwear as it helps to open my airways and gets more oxygen into my lungs. I always had a bulky mouthguard before and the option to have a thinner fit from the dentist is a much better idea’
Jonathan Thomas, Wales Rugby

One thing that has made them so popular with professional athletes is the comfort afforded by the custom fitting process, which means that dentists who supply specialist mouthguards may significantly increase their revenue in a simple and cost effective manner by offering the custom fitting service.
In the same way that a dentist might take a tooth impression for whitening, the mould made at the clinic (sent away through Nuview – the UK distributor for UAPM) is quickly processed and returned, ready for collection by the wearer. It is therefore a simple process for the dentist, which can be of great help to the patient.
Under Armour Performance Mouthwear products from Bite Tech can deliver a host of physical benefits that help athletes train harder and perform at a higher level in any sport:

‘I work out regularly in the gym and the ArmourBite gives me the opportunity to tap into an unused energy source. The ArmourBite gives you the edge you need,’ Paul Flynn, Dublin football team

ArmourBite is an entirely new category of sports equipment. ArmourBite Mouthpieces and Mouthguards are engineered to make any athlete in any sport stronger, faster and better. Whether you’re looking for a performance boost or on-field protection, ArmourBite delivers an instant competitive advantage.
Whenever you train or compete, the natural reaction is to clench your jaw. It’s all part of the ‘fight or flight’ hard-wiring in your brain. Multi-patented ArmourBite Power Wedge appliances are uniquely shaped to help maintain optimal spacing and counteract the negative effects of clenching.
ArmourBite is backed by 15 years of research and science. Independent studies have been conducted and are ongoing at the Dr Hank Cross Human Performance Laboratory at the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.
Increases Strength
With less stress and more airflow, ArmourBite can help increase strength by as much as 20%.
Reduces Athletic Stress
When you clench your jaw, your body produces cortisol, which causes stress, fatigue and distraction. ArmourBite dramatically decreases cortisol so you feel better and you play better.
Speeds Up Reaction Time
Clinical trials shows that ArmourBite delivers an improvement in response to auditory cues and potential improvement in response to visual cues.
Increases Endurance
ArmourBite enlarges your airway openings, resulting in 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes of intense exercise.
Reduces Impact
When your jaw takes a hit, energy is transmitted to your head and can cause concussions. ArmourBite Mouthguards have been proven to reduce the effects of G-Force impact blows to the jaw by up to 20%.
This is not just a mouthguard – the lower mouthpiece which makes up 70% of the product profile since launch shows that amateur, semi-professional and professional sportsmen and women are seeing the performance benefits of this new category of performance sportswear from Under Armour.


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