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Three weeks, that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s now three weeks until we all meet at Heathrow to make our way to Tanzania, for a two week trip that will no doubt change us as people and more importantly, help the lives of people in Bukumbi.
That’s not to say we are coasting to the finish line at all, in fact we are just as focused to raise money for the charity as ever.
We’ve had a number of highlights over the past month. Scheinstock was a huge success, raising over £1,200 for the ‘pot’.

The bands were superb, even with as little as a few hours practice and it only took a few numbers for the dance floor to be filled. In particular, Patrick Allen’s (VP of Henry Schein UK) drumming skills were a revelation to the majority of us!
As a group, it’s not only money that’s been donated to help the cause. Ian Stuart, business process co-ordinator for Henry Schein Minerva (not even he knows what that means), has gone above and beyond, literally by securing a raffle prize for those that love the high life.

A tandem paraglider flight gift voucher worth over £200 was generously donated and tickets are only £5. With only couple of hundred issued, the odds are pretty good.
Ian, much like many of the group, was aware of Bridge2Aid through his work with Henry Schein. When he heard about the trip he saw it as an ideal opportunity to combine his wish to visit Africa with the potential to help children.

When asked how important he felt the trip was, Ian was unhesitating with his response – ‘Anything we can do to raise the quality of life for underprivileged children is really meaningful.’
Now the preparations are in full swing and he is already swotting up on his Swahili and preparing for his first dose of malaria tablets, an issue that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
As well as being able to help the children of Bukumbi, I asked Ian what he hoped to get out of the trip personally.

‘A better understanding of a different culture which may help me to understand my Nigerian girlfriend better!’ was his reply.
So here we are on the home stretch, flights are booked and combined we’ve probably had more injections than a primary school measles run!

Our group of 12 don’t see each other on a regular basis; in fact some of us haven’t even met.

However, there is already a huge sense of camaraderie evident in our weekly email sessions. The level of excitement increases on a daily basis and with departure fast approaching; we have all promised to be at the departure gate, red carnation in our lapels and a copy of Time Out under our arm.
For a chance to win an amazing paragliding session, please email Ian, [email protected] or call him on 01634 877 497. The draw will take place on Monday 4 April.
Or to donate to the Bridge2Aid Tanzania trip, please click here

Asante – or thank you!

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