Do practice meeting sandwiches lack filling?

Some 80% of employees think the quality of sandwiches at their business meetings has fallen, according to a recent survey.

Only 4% questioned felt that the quality of sandwiches had improved over the last five years, with 16% noticing no change.

The average cost of sandwiches per person at meetings currently stands at £3.80.

When the survey was first conducted in 2006, the average cost was just under £6 per person.

Popular sandwiches back in 2006 included ‘crayfish and avocado’ and ‘chicken teriyaki’ – but today ‘cheese and pickle’ and ‘tuna and sweetcorn’ featured much more heavily in the survey.

Maris Interiors conducted the survey. Its chairman, Michael Howard, says: ‘It’s a sign of these austere times that companies are spending much less on sandwiches in the boardroom.

‘It’s certainly a sensible way to cut costs, but be careful not to overdo it: you won’t impress a client with jam sandwiches!’

185 people participated in the survey, conducted between 7-11 February 2011.

Average cost of sandwiches at business meetings per person:

• 2006 – £5.91
• 2008 – £4.68
• 2009 – £4.22
• 2011 – £3.80

• Maris Interiors LLP is the UK’s leading specialist in workplace design and creation.

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