Scrubwear range key to new collection

In response to the increased demand for scrubwear, Grahame Gardner has introudced a new unisex scrub tunic within their latest brochure.

The SS3295 complements Grahame Gardner’s existing extensive scrubwear range, but also boasts several design features which make it stand out from more standard scrub tunics.

The stylish SS3295 has a v-style neck, complemented by the v-detail on the sleeves, and contrasting trim available on the neck, sleeve and pocket.

Stocked in navy, blue 18 and bottle green, this tunic is sure to be a hit with dental professionals who prefer a more relaxed approach to uniforms.

Simon Ward, sales director for Grahame Gardner, says: ‘The rise in the popularity of scrubwear over the past couple of years has been phenomenal.

‘Influenced by American healthcare styles and a desire for a more relaxed working wardrobe, scrubwear has become an acceptable form of workwear for all healthcare staff, not just those within the operating theatre.

‘With our experienced design team and our specific knowledge of the practicalities of healthcare uniforms we have been able to respond quickly to this current trend, now offering one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market.’

Grahame Gardner offer three distinct scrubwear ranges:

•GG* Scrubs, a classic unisex range

• Urbane Scrubs, developed specifically for women

• Easiephit, a unisex range with a bold colour palette.

To explore Grahame Gardner’s collection, go to, or call 0116 255 6326 to order a copy of their new brochure.

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