Regain the profile of your youth

Do you avoid the mirror? Do you hate having your photograph taken for fear of seeing that unsightly double chin?

Do you remember the exercises of slapping the upper side of your hand to your chin in the hope that it would beat away the fat?

We’re all now aware that the aforementioned exercise does not work – and we cannot all afford, or want, surgery to correct that unflattering double chin.

New from the United States, DS Labs have come up with the perfect solution to provide the most beautiful contour to your chin line and silhouette: Vexum.SL.

Vexum.SL has been formulated for both men and women who have, over the years, developed that unsightly roll of fat under their chin line, giving an almost perfect, downhill ski slope down to their chest!

Vexum.SL contains three major active ingredients to reduce double chins: Glaucine Prolamin and Polymannurate.

Let’s take a look at these in turn and see how they can work efficiently on that double chin!

Gluacine: this is derived from Gluacium flavum which stimulates lipolysis – otherwise known as the breakdown of fat. It works pro-actively to reduce the formation of new adipocytes – those cells responsible for storing energy as fat – by regulating the flow of calcium.

Prolamin/Polymannurate: respectively come from a wheat protein and a fast-growing sea kelp which are rich in glutamine and glutamic acid, to reinforce the actions of the Glaucine.

In sensory evaluations with human subjects, 33 trained volunteers applied a gel containing 10% polymannuronate/prolamin blend to the face. After just five minutes, 76% of the panellists reported a medium to strong tightening effect.

In evaluating other important parameters: 67% noted very little residue; 85 percent said the gel showed very good penetration; 94% praised the way it spread out and left a smooth surface; and 82% remarked on its freshness.

Vexum.SL is so easy to use – simply apply two pumps of the formula into your hand and massage under the chin twice daily after cleansing.

You’ll soon notice the difference – a tightened and restored chin; youthful contours to your silhouette.

Vexum.SL is available from or call 0800 612 6394.

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