Win a £5,000 autoclave and fight cross contamination

Nitram Dental works to fight disease – and not just in the world of dentistry.

Nitram Dental has been a pioneer in the fight against cross-contamination in dental environments ever since it launched the DAC Universal combination autoclave in 2004.

But the company is also aware of how much hygiene matters in countless different contexts throughout the world.

Nitram Dental has chosen to support another product in the ‘simple, safe and superior’ category, aimed at preventing the spread of diseases in parts of the world where people are particularly vulnerable.

We support LifeStraw One of the ways we work to achieve our overall mission is to raise funds for the LifeStraw project.

This project helps ensure supplies of clean drinking water in areas affected by natural catastrophes and extreme poverty.

LifeStraw is a portable water filter that makes it possible to fight common forms of diarrhoeal disease. It can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean drinking water.

This means LifeStraw helps to ensure higher standards of hygiene, and thereby save lives.

This is a mission that Nitram Dental wishes to support.

Nitram Dental recently purchased 600 Lifestraw filter units to be distributed in regions seriously affected by poverty or by natural catastrophes, with the result that water hygiene has become a challenge.

The Nitram Dental New Year resolution for 2011 is to finance the purchase of 2,011 LifeStraw filter units by the end of the calendar year.

Join the fight against cross contamination – sign up for the free online Nitram newsletter and enter the competition to win a DAC Universal combination autoclave worth £5,000.

Visit to enter. Competition ends 31 March 2011.

The Dac Universal Clean lubricates and sterilises six instruments in 12 minutes, all in one fully automated process.

Essential to a successful sterilisation, the DAC Universal has the ability to clean the internal channels of the handpieces and turbines.

Moreover, the instruments are washed externally twice with cold water (pulse wash) and once with hot water. These processes remove biofilm and dirt fast and effectively.

Tests have shown that proper removal of dirt and debris extends the lifetime of handpieces and turbines and lowers their repair costs.

The cleaning procedures of the DAC Universal and its efficient closed lubrication system provide the best maintenance for your handpieces and turbines. The Dac Universal saves you time and money!

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