PE teacher gets a fit smile for her wedding

A couple exchanged smile makeovers before exchanging wedding rings when they tied the knot recently.

While most brides to-be are getting excited about the big day, newly engaged Caroline Hardy, 30, a rugby player and PE teacher from Ashford in Kent, was instead facing it with some dread.

The thought of having to smile for hundreds of photos brought back memories of being teased as a teenager for having ‘beaver teeth’, a look which resulted from a condition where her teeth didn’t develop properly.

Fiancé Nathan, 31, was also feeling the pressure – he had suffered an impact injury while
playing rubgy, which made his front tooth look grey.

So, as a wedding present to each other, the couple decided to embark on luxury smile makeovers at The Harman Clinic in Tunbridge Wells – –  so they can beam happily on their wedding day without a care in the world.


The pair (pictured above), who met when Caroline was playing for the Cheltenham Ladies’ rugby team and Nathan was the coach, are getting married in July at their family home in Ashford.

Caroline says: ‘I have hated my teeth ever since I was a young girl and have always regretted not getting them done sooner. I was constantly teased as a teenager for my front teeth and the thought of immortalising them in my wedding album was awful. I am so excited about finally not having to worry about pictures being taken. Now I can’t wait to smile for them all!’

The extensive treatment will be carried out by Dr Oliver Harman, who has appeared on Extreme Makeover and is lead clinician at The Harman Clinic as well as a Board member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

He says: ‘With Caroline’s case, we will be conducting a minimally invasive smile makeover that begins with some orthodontic work. I will start with some ortho-expansion to separate  and re-sculpt the teeth and then fit Caroline with an invisible, ‘speedy’ brace for 8-12 weeks.

‘We will then use laser surgery for gum realignment and also use composite bonding, which is a
natural tooth-coloured filling, to build bigger pre-molars. Her molars will replace her large canine teeth and will be capped with a conversion crown in order to make the molar look like a perfectly shaped canine tooth. The orthodontic treatment will be followed by a professional whitening


‘In Nathan’s case, we will conduct a professional whitening followed by a porcelain veneer to hide the discoloured tooth.’

The Harman Clinic offers the full range of cosmetic dentistry services including veneers, tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding, orthodontics and dental implants.

The practice is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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