Free employment advice for dental corporate bodies

The Medical Defence Union, the UK’s largest medical defence organisation, is extending its free employment advice helpline to its dental corporate members, providing immediate guidance on all aspects of employment law.

Corporate members will be able to access expert advice from Peninsula Business Services Ltd, a leading employment law, personnel, and health and safety consultancy.

Previously, only GP group scheme members had access to the free advice line, but the MDU is extending the service to corporate bodies, in response to demand from members.

Members will be able to speak to one of a team of experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise in employment legislation, contractual law and case law precedents 24-hours a day.

They will also receive free telephone and email advice for employment matters and assistance in drafting letters, contracts, employment policies and procedures.

Nick Gleeson, head of corporate business at the MDU, says: ‘Our corporate members have been turning to us to indemnify them for failures in company procedures or the actions of staff for four years now.

‘We know however that one of the biggest challenges of running a company is managing staff. We hope that having an employment expert available on the end of the phone will help our members to deal with employment dilemmas properly and efficiently, such as contracts of employment and disciplinary issues. We are confident that members will find it a valuable addition to the range of services we currently offer.’

Peter Done, managing director, Peninsula Business Services adds: ‘We would generally advise members of the MDU to seek advice before taking any action, or as soon as any unforeseen issue arises.

‘Our specialists can provide assistance in a number of different areas such as working time matters, contractual difficulties, grievances and workplace disputes, potential discrimination issues, sickness or health issues, capability and competence and all aspects of contract termination.

‘By supporting MDU corporate members faced with such concerns, we can enable them to spend more time on the clinical aspect of their roles.’

Examples of some of the common employment dilemmas faced by corporate members include:
• A probationary practice nurse keeps turning up late for work and has taken a lot of time off sick lately
• A receptionist who resigned three months previously takes legal action against the company complaining of how she was treated
• An employee turns out to have a criminal conviction
• A healthcare assistant asks to work less hours due to family commitments.
Members of the MDU can visit or email [email protected] for more information about MDU corporate membership.

Alternatively contact the membership department on 0800 716 376.

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