Revalidation – dentists must get involved

Dental professionals are being urged not to miss their chance to have their say on draft plans for revalidation.

The General Dental Council’s latest consultation on its plans will close on 6 January 2011.

Revalidation will make clear the minimum standards which must be met on an ongoing basis to continue being registered with the GDC.
An online survey can be found at and asks key questions about how revalidation for dentists should work.

The GDC is keen to hear from as many people as possible about this initiative.

Questions cover topics including the use of patient feedback, the sorts of evidence which will be requested and the use of external verifiers to check compliance with standards.

A standards and evidence framework will set out the standards dentists must meet under the four domains of clinical, management and leadership, communication and professionalism.

The framework will also set out the evidence which will be acceptable to demonstrate compliance with each standard.

Dentists will gather this evidence over five years, and revalidate at the end of each cycle.

We are proposing a three-stage process at the end of each cycle:
• Stage 1 – compliance check, which will apply to all dentists
• Stage 2 – remediation phase, which will provide an opportunity to dentists who do not pass Stage 1 to remedy deficiencies
• Stage 3 – in-depth assessment, which will apply to dentists who fail to demonstrate their compliance at the end of the remediation phase.

Dentists who refuse to engage with the process, or who do but who fail to revalidate, will ultimately be removed from the register, with additional requirements for restoration to the register.

There will be an appeals process.

The GDC does not plan to consider, in-depth, whether revalidation is necessary for all DCP groups until the random audit of the first cycle of CPD for DCPs is complete, in late 2013.

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