A treat for mouth ulcers

When it comes to the treatment of mouth ulcers, bonjela has always had it covered. Now, new Bonjela Complete Plus literally leaves mouth ulcers covered.

Just like plasters are used on other parts of the body to protect against external aggression, we should do the same for ulcers.

Bonjela Complete Plus creates a protective barrier that covers and sticks, just like a plaster, protecting ulcers for up to four hours, soothing pain while aiding the healing process.

Bonjela Complete Plus is applied with the soft precision applicator, forming a protective film over the ulcer. The applicator allows hygienic application so that ulcers can be targeted easily.

Affecting around 20% of the population, mouth ulcers usually form due to stress, oral trauma, certain foods and even changes in hormones.

They are circular in appearance with a yellow or white centre and a raised red rim. This area is painful due to exposed nerve endings so it is important to ensure that these are protected. Often lasting up to 14 days, they can cause sufferers considerable pain and misery – eating, drinking and even talking can be painful.

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