Hygienist joins FDI World Dental Federation

Dr Yvonne A.B. Buunk-Werkhoven, dental hygienist and psychologist, has been elected in the executive committee of the Public Health Section (PHS) of the FDI World Dental Federation.

Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven is member of the board of the Dutch Dental Hygienists Association with special focus on education and science.

She was nominated by Dr Jos van den Heuvel (former president and later on treasurer of the PHS/FDI) and, after unanimous approval by the members of the PHS/FDI, warmly welcomed in the executive committee.

With this membership, the international recognition of the behavioural sciences and the
involvement of the dental hygienist in preventive oral health care are again endorsed. 
The PHS/FDI section consists of Chief Dental Officers (CDOs), scientists and others
interested in ‘oral public health’.

The current president is Dr Peter Cooney, CDO of Canada. In total, six people from different countries around the globe are part of the board.

The purpose of the PHS/FDI is to develop and support public health initiatives in the field of oral health care around the world.

To this end, it uses a network of 140 chief dental officers, researchers and other interested professionals.

Based on specific information, exchange on ideas, innovations and concepts in the field of oral public health and oral care education, there is an exchange of ideas and constant contact within
the network.   
More information can be found at www.fdiworldental.org.

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