Wrap up dentists’ ‘red tape mess’

Dentists are being urged to join a British Dental Association (BDA) campaign calling on the Government to address concerns about the registration of dental practices with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The BDA is asking practitioners to demonstrate the strength of feeling on this issue by contacting their MPs.
The BDA is sending all members a postcard emphasising the increasing burden of red tape encircling practitioners and the detrimental effect it has on patient care.

It presses MPs to demand the secretary of state for health does three things:
• Simplify the arrangements for the CQC so it does not duplicate functions carried out by other bodies
• Ensure that the CQC registration fee is set at a reasonable level; and delay the deadline for registration to allow these concerns to be properly addressed.
BDA members will find a copy of the postcard in the December issue of the BDA’s news magazine, BDA News.

Postcards will also be available at the local dental committees officials’ day next Friday (3 December).
The campaign was launched this week with the delivery of a giant postcard to Sir Paul Beresford MP, the Chair of the all-party parliamentary group for dentistry, at Parliament. It was presented by BDA executive board chair, Susie Sanderson, and BDA general dental practice committee chair, John Milne.
Dr Milne said: ‘There is immense frustration and concern in the profession about the way dentists are being tied up with red tape and the reduction of time available to patients that causes. There’s also a very real concern about the huge registration fees being proposed and the detrimental effect on practice investment they would have.
‘The BDA has reiterated these concerns to Government on numerous occasions. It’s time for government to hear from the wider profession. I urge every dentist in England to send a postcard to their MP and force action on this vital issue.’
The BDA has written directly to the secretary of state outlining the profession’s concerns and calling for the three steps it believes the government must take and asking to meet him.

The launch of the postcard campaign follows the BDA’s recent warning that many experienced practitioners feel so beleaguered by the growing burden of red tape that they may consider early retirement.

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