Dentist auctions world’s largest custard cream

A dentist has forked out £410 to buy the world’s biggest custard cream biscuit.

The massive custard cream measures 59 cm (1ft  11.23in) long, 39 cm (1ft 3.35in) wide, 6.5cm (2.56 in) high and weighing 15.73 kg (34 lb 10.88 oz), and was crafted by chef Paul Thacker and amateur biscuit master Simon Morgan (both UK) in the Chino Latino’s restaurant in the Park Plaza, Nottingham.

The Guinness World Records gave it the official record-breaking stamp of authority.

The duo created the bsicuit to mark Guinness World Record Day last Thursday.

They put their biscuit up for auction on eBay and it was sold to Hertfordshire-based dentist Jeff Sherer this week.

The money raised is to be donated to Children in Need, while the biscuit itself is to be presented to Nottingham homelessness charity Framework on Monday.

Jeff says: ‘Obviously being a dentist, I hope they brush their teeth after eating it.’





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