Teeth whitening pen – just click glide and go!

A portable and fuss-free treatment to keep teeth looking healthy and pearly white has been launched onto the dental market.

BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pen echoes the design and convenient application method of a cult beauty concealer pen.

It’s an easy way to dramatically whiten your teeth at work, at home, or on your travels.

It can also be neatly popped in a purse, or in your pocket.

Simply remove the cap, click until a small droplet of the minty gel is visible, glide a thin layer directly on the front surface of your teeth and away you go!


As the gel dries rapidly without any waiting time, BriteSmile To Go can be used day or night, without interfering with your lifestyle.

Whether you are a busy mum, pressured professional, or a frequent traveller, this pen avoids the need for awkward bleaching trays, which can cause sleepless nights.

Dr Anjali Rajah, dentist and founder of NW Smiles, London, says: ‘Higher in efficacy than off-the-shelf teeth whitening kits and best used alongside in-surgery teeth whitening procedures, BriteSmile To Go is a safe, gentle and gradual way to achieving a natural, healthy looking smile.’

Each pen contains 30 applications.

For optimum results, apply to teeth twice daily for two weeks and top up every few months. To ensure the gel is fully absorbed, avoid drinking or eating for the first 30 minutes from application.

BriteSmile To Go is priced at £45 and is available following a complimentary consultation with a qualified dentist at NW Smiles in London. To make an appointment, please call 0207 724 3003, or email [email protected] .

For further information, please visit www.nwsmiles.co.uk.

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