Colour co-ordinated for Christmas

It is November and I have gone for the Christmas look. Red wires with a splash of silver and gold hooks – I could hang baubles from them. The subject of fashion was bought up in a conversation recently and I thought about how I try to get colours that match a lot of my clothes and accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hats, etc.
When I got pink braces it was easy to match all of my pink clothes that I have! I might get pink braces again next time. Christmas colours are tricky.
I’m getting used to not drinking fizzy drinks, and I know that it will help for when I get them off. I remember when I first got my braces on and it felt so hard to stretch my mouth over them and it felt different to eat. Now, I am fully used to having them on, so it will feel weird when I take them off! Braces also don’t only change your teeth; they actually change the shape of your mouth, too.

This time the orthodontist left the wires off my back teeth and it feels odd and almost slimy running my tongue over the teeth there.

Mouthwash is also really good to use when you have braces. A hygienist told my mum it was a great way of making sure your teeth stay clean so I am looking forward to having straight teeth and a new smile without worrying about staining.
Remember to take painkiller medicine before you get braces tightened and it doesn’t hurt at all. I recommend strawberry Nurofen.

Top tips
• See braces as an accessory rather than a chore. Have fun and mix and match the colours
• Clean your teeth regularly and DO NOT have fizzy drinks, if you have fizzy drinks, once ou have the braces removed, you will have white squares where the teeth were protected (and remained nice and clean) but are stained where they were exposed
• Take paracetamol for the pain relief

Wear instructions for fixed braces
• Keep teeth AND braces very clean. This may require brushing your teeth at least three times a day after each meal
• Take a toothbrush and toothpaste to school/work and clean your teeth after lunch and after any snacks or drinks
• DO NOT bite into any food, regardless of how soft it may appear. Biting  into food will break the front brackets. Cut everything you eat into  mouth-sized pieces
• DO NOT chew gum or sticky sweets as the braces will break
• Avoid hard nuts, crusty bread (baguettes, etc), food containing caramel or toffee and crunchy cereal bars
• Use the wax to cover any sharp areas of the brace to prevent the formation of ulcers
• Contact your practice as soon possible if any breakages are noticed to arrange for repairs. Breakages will lengthen the course of treatment.

• Brace Eze is an orally applied setting gel, which provides instant relief of the  discomfort, and irritation caused by orthodontic braces and appliances
• Colgate Duraphat 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste is a prescription-only high-fluoride  toothpaste. • • Clinical studies show that 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste  delivers greater caries reduction than regular fluoride toothpaste
• Colgate orthodontic toothbrush is designed to clean teeth around fixed braces and other orthodontic  applicances. It has long angled outer bristles specifically designed to  remove plaque from the gingival margin and shorter inner bristles that  clean tooth surfaces between orthodontic braces and around fixed brackets and wires.


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