Time to start thinking about detox?

Jane Scrivner knows all about detox – she’s written and published nine books on the subject and they are published in over 21 different countries and 16 different languages.

She has researched the subject over 18 years all over the world and has brought her experiences as a therapist and findings as a traveller together to form Jane Scrivner Detox.

Jane Scrivner Detox is a complete range of products offering everything you need to relax, recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body:

• Silky smooth bath and body oil is fresh enough to use as a body oil and strong enough to detox, working hard internally, cleansing, accelerating and supporting the detox process

• Mineral bath and body scrub is a blend of Himalayan crystal salts, magnesium salts and sea salts, making a uniquely skin softening, body nourishing, detox experience

• Mud and Quartz is mud therapy combined with quartz crystals – the mud will feed the body like a compost for the skin and the quartz has qualities that amplify energy, regulate, cleanse and heal

• Wooden brushes used just five Minutes a day to smooth your skin, reduce cellulite and tone your body.

• There’s even the Detox candle – handmade, and exotic, a Moroccan-style candle, that is naturally fragranced with detox essential oils mixed together with pure Brazilian quartz crystal grinds.

The products are a dDetox programme in themselves: you can dry brush every day, use the oil every other day, bathe in the mineral scrub and bath salts and use the mud as a treatment, nourishing bath or face pack, and Jane says ‘if you did all that for two weeks your skin would feel amazing and you should feel energised with less aches and no sluggishness’.

Equally the products can all stand alone even just a single treatment using the oils will speed things up a bit and make your skin feel fantastic!

Alternatively you can really treat your mind and body and combine everything to get the best ‘luxurious and successful’ detox.

The products in the range retail from £7.99 to £45 and are available from

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