New kit shines a light on CQC for dentists

A support kit for dentists has been compiled by the British Dental Association (BDA) as registrations to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) commence.

It responds to high demand from the profession for clear guidance amidst what has been seen as a muddled introduction to the new system.

This all-in-one digital pack, available to pre-order now, provides practitioners with tools to navigate the registration process and prepare for compliance with the new requirements when they come into force in April 2011.
Translating the requirements for users, the kit collates current BDA guidance and relevant legislation, with an outline of the 16 outcomes integral to the system, all in a user-friendly PDF format.

Crucially, users will also have access to more than 40 models, templates and protocols covering the CQC compliance standards.
Speaking on behalf of the BDA, chief executive Peter Ward says: ‘The profession has expressed deep frustration over the lack of clarity coming from the CQC. This new kit shines a light at the end of this murky transition period. At a time when dentists across the country are already facing increasing administrative demands, and greater strains on existing resources, this tool will help make the transition as efficient as possible.’
The support kit is available for a limited time up to March 2011 at £75 for members, with a discount for members holding Practice Compendium Version 5 or Clinical Governance Kit Version 2.

It can be pre-ordered online now at or by calling 020 7563 4555. The kit is also available to non-members at the price of £520.

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