Visiting your dentist could save your life

Perfect 32 is helping to raise awareness of Mouth Cancer Action Month in East Yorkshire by offering FREE MOUTH CANCER SCREENING on Monday, November 29 running from 8am-7pm.

The dental will be uusing an advanced oral cancer screening system called the Velscope. The practice will also be giving away specially designed information packs highlighting the warning signs and prevention of mouth cancer.
In the UK, mouth cancer is diagnosed in more than 5,000 people annually and kills almost 2,000 people each year – that’s one death every five hours.
Running for the duration of November, the campaign features the tagline ‘If In Doubt, Get Checked Out’ and urges the public to visit their dentist for oral screening, which is why Perfect 32’s principal dentist, Dr Gary Rowland, feels compelled to offer free screenings for mouth cancer – for the third year running – at the practice in 8 Ladygate, Beverley.
Professional check-ups and regular self-examinations are the best route to early detection of mouth cancer.

Early diagnosis saves lives, improving survival chances from just half of cases to more than 90%.
Early warning signs include ulcers that do not heal within three weeks, red and white patches in the mouth and unusual changes in the mouth.
Perfect 32 hopes the special screening day and packs, which will be available to patients and non-patients alike, will encourage people to learn more about the disease and visit their dentist regularly for examinations.
Dr Rowland said: ‘Last year we screened 54 people completely free of charge and by extending the screening day we hope to be able to see around 75 people this year, which will be a record for us.
‘Hopefully by raising awareness of this terrible disease we will encourage more people to self-check and visit their dentist for the regular examinations that could save their life.
‘We are encouraging people at our free mouth cancer screening to take a handful of our mouth cancer information packs away with them to share with their friends. The cards will also be available in reception throughout November, so please pop in and pick some up.’
Mouth Cancer Action Month also aims to raise awareness of a disease which has remained under-reported for too long. Prevention is key and lifestyle choices can help minimise risks.
Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of campaign organisers, the British Dental Health Foundation, commented: ‘We are delighted that Perfect 32 has joined the many dental practices, schools, health professionals and community groups promoting Mouth Cancer Action Month.
‘Three-quarters of cases are linked to tobacco and alcohol so it is important that smokers are encouraged to quit and alcohol is drunk in moderation.
‘The human papilloma virus (HPV), transmitted via oral sex, and poor diets are also linked to mouth cancer. Worryingly the disease is also now affecting a much younger group of people and many more who display none of the traditional risk factors.
‘Yet early diagnosis can really make the difference so make sure you visit a dentist regularly and check your mouth as often as possible, it could just save your life.’
Booking is essential for the free mouth cancer screening at Perfect 32. Please call 01482 863 667 to reserve a space. For more information on mouth cancer visit

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