Minty good dental marketing tips

Hello, I’m a new blogger on the Dentistry website. I’m Kate Adam, a marketing consultant. I’ve been in marketing for more than (cough!) years including as head of trade marketing at Orange.

Actually, I’ve done more than just marketing. I’ve done PR, getting sponsorship, event organisation and advertising. A few years ago, I set up on my own as Meredith Marketing and fairly quickly gathered a good portfolio of clients.

In 2008, I worked alongside Alex Nicolaou (who runs design4dentists) with aesthetics – a private, cosmetic dentist based in Hatfield.

They won Best Marketing at the Private Dentistry Awards and Alex and I decided to team up as ‘mint’ – dental branding and marketing specialists.

The rest, as they say, is the future.

In this blog, I’ll be telling you what I’ve been during, possibly making some predictions and definitely giving you a few marketing tips. Oh, and I won’t be able to resist the odd extra strong mint pun or several!

If a chiropodist had approached me on Sunday 17 October, I would happily have paid them to be my client.

Taking a stand at Dental Showcase was a big decision for us as a small company. The financial outlay we knew about. The work involved we had a good guess about. What we failed to predict was the pain our feet were subjected to.

However, with pain came the gains. As a measure of how switched-on to marketing many dental practices are, we talked to lots of people and have many, many contacts to follow up.

It helped that we shared the stand with DDPC – dental design and planning consultants. It was also helpful to have members of the ‘mint alliance’ on the stand.

These are dentistry business professionals who have formed a strategic alliance. So while I was able to tell people about our marketing services and Alex advised on branding, we also expertise on hand for questions about IT, interior design, video production, social media marketing and so on.

Just as dental practices are offering an ever wider range of services under one roof, so can mint.

And on this point, here comes my first marketing tip. To implement a comprehensive marketing plan you will, inevitably, need to engage a number of people and/or companies.

Do make sure they are adequately briefed so that they work in harmony and complement each other. You can’t predict clashes of personalities, of course, but you can make sure their roles and responsibilities are defined accurately so avoiding conflict and overlap.

Time spent developing a thoroughly worked through marketing plan will pay dividends and save you money in the long run.

That’s it for this month, folks. If you’d like to get in touch, email me at [email protected]

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