Bruxism Awareness Week hailed a hit

Bruxism Awareness Week has been hailed a hit.

Backed by clinicians nationwide, the awareness week brought the troubling condition of bruxism into the spotlight and offered advice and treatment solutions to both public and professionals alike. 
Highlighting the various symptoms associated with bruxism, including: jaw disorders (including TMD); tooth wear/damage/breakage; migraines/headaches; poor sleep quality; tinnitus and earache, Bruxism Awareness Week stressed the importance of understanding the symptoms of bruxism, and of knowing where to seek help.
Statistics have indicated that an alarming one in two staff members serving in the armed forces during the second Gulf War suffered from PTSD, a major symptom of which is bruxism.

S4S offers free training to military dentists to improve their knowledge and treatment of the condition.

S4S also supports the Help for Heroes charity and hopes to raise £1,000 for this worthy cause through various activities linked with Bruxism Awareness Week.
Free Bruxism Awareness promotion packs were sent out to more than 200 dental practices and with a Facebook group that currently has more than 100 members, awareness is growing fast thanks to S4S and Bruxism Awareness Week.
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